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BLOG 2022
TOPICS: Knot Theory, RSA Cryptography, Network Science, and Renewable Energy.


About the Blog

Girls from the Worcester area in Massachusetts come to Worcester Polytechnic Institute to participate in the Girls Talk Math summer camp. Throughout the two week long program, participants work in groups of 4 or 5 on several projects. Each group is assigned one mathematics problem set in which they explore advanced topics usually not encountered until college or graduate school. These problem sets vary from year to year and include a wide variety of mathematics: from abstract concepts like knot theory to applications like network science. In addition to the problem set, each group is assigned a female mathematician to research whose work is related to their problem set. The campers then create their own media to share what they learned. Each group works together to write a blog post detailing the mathematics they explored and record a podcast about the female mathematician they researched.

Check out the blog posts to see what our amazing campers worked so hard on throughout the camp!