Many thanks to the various outlets who stopped by camp to talk with the campers and organizers. Check out the videos and articles about Girls Talk Math below!


  1. UNC College of Arts and Sciences – by Kristen Chavez
  2. Spectrum News – by Linnie Supall


  1. WCHL – by Blake Hodge
  2. The Tab – by Logan Wagner (a former GTM volunteer)
  3. Association for Women in Mathematics Newsletter’s Student Chapter Corner series – by Francesca Bernardi and Katrina Morgan (the GTM founders)
  4. Durham Academy News – by Quinn Shanahan (a former GTM camper)


  1. Femmes of STEM: Episode 8 – Girls Talk Math!
    One of our co-founders, Francesca Bernardi, was invited to be a guest on the Femmes of STEM podcast hosted by Michelle Barboza-Ramirez from the University of Florida. In this episode Francesca discusses the life of mathematician Sofya Kovalevskaya as well as the Girls Talk Math camp.
  2. Femmes of STEM: Bonus Episode – Girls Talk Math! Part 1
    Several of the Girls Talk Math podcasts from camp (both 2016 and 2017) are featured in this bonus episode of the Femmes of STEM podcast! The podcasts included are: Introduction, Grace Hopper, Agnes Meyer Driscoll, and Emmy Noether