Camp Info

Due to COVID-19 Girls Talk Math 2020 will now take place ONLINE with a modified program.  Camp will be held July 6th through August 2nd on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with special programming on Saturdays. Activities will run about 2hrs each day, with exact times TBD.

Interested students who are local to one of the 3 existing camps and meet the eligibility requirements below are welcome to apply to participate in this year’s online program!

  • University of California at Los Angeles campers – APPLY HERE
  • University of Maryland at College Park campers – APPLY HERE
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campers – APPLY HERE


Rising 9th through 12th graders who identify as girls or an under represented gender are eligible to apply.


The Basics

Girls Talk Math is a two-week-long day camp that is free for all attendees. The program is available to rising 9th through 12th graders who identify as girls or an under represented gender and are interested in exploring challenging math problems that go beyond the high school curriculum.


Group Projects

Campers will divide into groups of four or five to complete several projects throughout the two weeks. Each group will

  1. Work independently through a problem set on an advanced mathematics topic usually not encountered until college or even graduate school.
  2. Write a Blog Post about the mathematics learned in the problem set.
  3. Research a female mathematician whose work is related to the topic covered in the problem set.
  4. Write and record a podcast about their mathematician’s life and work and how it relates to the work the students did at camp.



Structure and Activities

There will be time for group work every day with several other activities interspersed throughout the two weeks. These activities vary from location to location and include short lectures on the various topics campers are studying, professional and student panels, How To Make a Podcast, Growth Mindset, Scratch Workshop, and Makey Makey studio time.