Podcasts 2016


Introduction by Francesca Bernardi and Katrina Morgan

Agnes Meyer Driscoll by Shai Caspin, Natalie Bowers, Bryana Dorsey, Nia Pierce, and Cana Perry

Grace Hopper by Michelle Chen, Cameron Farrar, Laura O’Sullivan, and Cat Bassett

Katherine Johnson by Annie Huang, Heesue Kim, Sophie Gilliam, and Sylvia Towey

Ada Lovelace by Kathryn Benedict, Kate Allen, Sarai Ross, Rosy Nuam

Emmy Noether by Chloe Nash, Wanda Wilkins, and Lauren Behringer

Wang Xiaoyun by Nia Beverly, Makayla McDaniel, Yuanyuan Matherly, and Tyler Degan

Many thanks to Girls Rock NC and their Teen AXN League for the wonderful theme song!